Unable to open game since last update

I am unable to open woa on Android. I’ve tried restarting, clearing the cache/user data, and reinstalling . App just spins after connection prompt with Google Play.

Hello! Had the same problem. Solution was to reset Google play. The last update of Google play led to my problems. Annoying, because all my planes at every airport lost handling process, even if ready for takeoff. Probably resetting Google leads to losing progress in other apps too. Tried to clear cache and data in Woa and Google play before but that did not help in my case. You may try this out.
Good look!

After app update last week, I was able to play once. Now won’t load again.

How do you reset Google Play? I can only find information on clearing storage. Thanks!

Hi! I did uninstall all the Updates for google-play-services.
Settings > Apps > Opened the google-play-services. In the right upper corner are three dots “Aktualisierungen deinstallieren” in German, i think translation is “uninstall Updates”. With that you reset google-play-Services to factory Settings.
. Then i had to sign in again with my google account and install the updates for google-play-services.This procedure helped in my case, maybe i was lucky. As i wrote before, i assume with this procedure you might lose data/Progress in other Apps. I was desperate enough to try… good luck!

I tried uninstalling/reinstalling Play Games and that didn’t change anything. I then tried your given steps for google-play-services and it worked wonderfully! As you said, in process planes had to be processed from the beginning. Other apps didn’t seem to be affected.

Many thanks for taking the time to share your solution!

Happy to hear that you could solve the problem and thank you for your feedback!