Unable to play/ Not loading

Hey guys I made a topic before, but it was just a few questions. Anyway I had to delete WoA temporarily to deal with some storage issues, and when I tried to reinstall, it gave me an error and would stay stuck loading as shown in the second picture below. I was hoping that someone went through this or if there is a solution to this. Anyway thanks, and good day!

For Android stuck at flash screen can be dealed by clearing game cache and game data then it should run normally upon restart.

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Hey @shill !, so I tried doing what you told me, but it is still stuck on the screen. Its just that this time I am able to hear the music.

Then i dont know really @jdrobajs can you check account details ?

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Actually I found the answer.

Apparently I had to clear the data from Google Play Service. It sounds surprising that Google Play Service’s were the one that wouldn’t let me load the game. It was very weird, but I found the answer. Thanks thought I seriously appreciate it :smiley:

@Kyle I did the same and have the same problem. Do you recall what exactly did you do on the play store?

Thank you

I am so sorry, I haven’t got the notification for this message until today. What I did was that I uninstalled the game, restarted my phone, and then after that I went into apps, force closed the play store, cleared data and cache.

Finally, I opened it back up, downloaded it, and it worked for me.