Unexpected Internal Server Error has Happened

After an aircraft has landed at any airport and has been handled, when the plane resets to be able to land again the game gives an error. It has been like this since the update. Doesn’t make the game unplayable but it is extremely annoying. I can only play for one cycle of landings before I have to wait at least 6 hours for the error to go away. Then it just repeats after the landing cylces.

I also getting these Unexpected internal server errors. I like the game but it is unplayable at the moment because of this. It is only when you trying to assign a gate.
I tried to reinstall, I tried to clear cache nothing helps. Sometimes after restarting I can assign two planes and after the that the server error starts again.
Is there somebody that can comment about this? I saw also a review in the playstore a guy having these problems. But even there no reaction. Normally they do with bad reviews.

8.12.2023 13:18
server down?