Unfair stuff with Gold airplanes

I already handled 500 planes. and all the gold planes I have is 1. and I only have 3 aircraft in my fleet

Most people have around 100 gold planes and /or have 90 planes in the fleet. please increase the green plane income (100 planes=1,200 planes=2. 300 planes=3 and so on)

You can also get gold planes from selling planes. These people get around 25k a trip from an A-380 which is enough for 1 ATR and if you have like 5 planes you can get 5 ATR and sell those for 5 gold planes. You don’t have to buy them it just takes time. But I would recommend buying them, they are a really reasonable price for what I have seen for these types of games. And for 7$ you can get 250,000 which is a lot for starting a new airport.