Unlocked destination issue

Hi all. When I hit a new level, I sometimes get a message that a new destination has unlocked. The issue that it’s AUH on the S size but when I click on the $0 to unlock it, nothing happens because there is no S size for AUH. Am I missing something, or is this a bug? It’s happened on a number of airports for me.

You can unlock arrival/departure cities with money or with golden keys. When you get a golden key the screen open on that city as default. To unlock arrival/departure city for S plane, You need just ONE key. To unlock X planes, You need 4 and so on…

I understand how to unlock destinations. I’m asking specifically about the game trying to unlock the S category for AUH which doesn’t exist.

I should add, this is for the NGO airport which is why S doesn’t exist for AUH.

I believe you have uncovered a bug. Unfortunate that you have to deal with this issue. Hopefully, this gets resolved with the next update.

next time upload screenshot

I have the same problem and it seems to be a bug when you have unlocked all airports with money already before you get the reward

Thats it.

But nothing happens when You buy it. You dont loose golden key.