Unlocking stands

Recently I unlocked terminal stands for 15000 bucks at Bari airport may i know what advantage does stand give rather then having the normal stands??

The terminal stands? If you boost you can see the passenger time go more faster than just 2 times. This is for all airports with terminal gates.

After buying it and unlocking stand for small aircraft do i need to additionally boost it?

If you upgrade your vehicles, you don’t need to boost.
At every airport you can upgrade every vehicle to level 4 and you need to upgrade fueling to max level at every airport except INN.

On what basis are the arrivals unlocked in prague airport are they the unlocks from bari airport available at prague airport too??

You have to handle 27,500 people at Innsbruck to open Bari, then you have to handle 114,500 people at Bari to unlock Prague, then you have to handle 410,000 people at Prague to open Washington, then you have to handle 10,000,000 people at Washington to unlock Nagoya, then you again have to handle 10,000,000 people at Nagoya to unlock San Diego or you can simply open them by golden planes.

Does signing to google play games backups the progress? If not how can i back up and restore my progress while switching devices

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You can change your name, compete with other players(EX-player1 handled this many passenger, player 2 handled that many passengers etc.) You can make friends etc. if u sign up.

Yes your progress is saved between devices. I have it on a tablet & phone & it restores your saves when you switch between them, although it will reset any aircraft that hadn’t finished servicing back to the beginning like it had just got to the gate.