Unregulated Runway Crossings at LHR

Hi, I’ve been playing WoA for a while, and have gotten annoyed enough to come here. Has anyone had a situation where they have planes waiting to cross 27L from either Cargo or Terminal 4, yet, despite having an in-game ATC, planes will still cross even if ATC is disabled?

I was just wondering if this was an intentional feature, or was missed in including the new ATC system. These unexpected runway incursions are 1) how the JAL crash happened, and 2) just completely meses up the flow of the airport.

Thank you!


If I recall correctly, in MCT at least, they will do it on their own. But I’m not sure if it was changed recently.

Kind of a strange comparison to make, since you can’t land a plane in the game unless the runway is completely clear.

I may be wrong but I think someone posted that planes would cross while others were landing somewhere in the forum

Again, I could be wrong.

As for MCT, yes, large planes will cross on their own, and that shouldn’t be the case with ATC disabled as we’re supposed to be handling these planes. That needs to be fixed IMO.

I sincerely hope after SYD, they take a break from making new airports and focus on fixing some bugs and applying some updates/changes at airports the current airports.


Yep, agreed

Yes, absolutely. I’m still looking forward to an IAD rework, but there’s a lot of stuff that feels unfinished. MCT could use new jetbridges and more static equipment as well.

I think its a known issue. I have sent this pic to the devs earlier.

I haven’t encountered it yet but I hope they fix it with a lot of other issues that still need to be fixed

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According to a message I received from the devs, this issue was solved in release 2.2.2.

This is JFK irl but in a video game :skull: