Upcoming update 2.0.2

Here are the features that will be added in the next update.
Include Control tower for automated landing and takeoffs.
A hanger mode
A Woapedia sort of thing which will be included in the Hangar itself.
And maybe a pause button.
But I would also like to slow down the planes. Like for example I have around 90 contracts at IAD. Handling them all takes me around an hour. But if some planes are departed from IAD to Europe in the beginning, they have almost reached Europe by the time I finish playing. Not to mention that for closer destinations from IAD the plane goes to the destination and comes back again within that same hour itself.
I think the closer routes should be slower while the longer ones like to Asia can remain as they are. What do you think??


Hello LegendRacer,

thank you very much for informations. I would welcome this changes, the most of them i recommended in my ideas a few days after the Update 2.0 was released in the category Tipps and Tricks for users :ok_hand: :wink:

I would also welcome a query about the use of Gold Airplanes, as it has happened to me several times that I have unintentionally spent them in the shop! The risk is particularly high with a small screen on the cell phone for example…

Maybe it’s possible to take this into account in one of the next updates, please.

See you in the Sky´s and have fun, thx


I disagree with wanting the trips taking longer. Because the maintenance cycle is now based on hours flown the longer the flight is in the air, the quicker maintenance comes round & the less money you make. Unless of course I’m missing something. For me it seems about right, as the earnings seem less than in version 1.5

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I think they were considering a confirm button for purchase.


Ummmm Actually I have been earning more after the 2.0 update. And if they decide to make the time a bit longer I guess they will adjust maintenance hours accordingly too.


May I ask where is the source for this info? I heard the tower manager in particular will be added in the next major update along with a new airport and possibly the A320 rework.


Their official account replied to one of my comments on Instagram asking whats goin on.


If realistic is the route WOA wants to take, then like some suggested, the flight time between cities should be adjusted. For example, flight between Taiwan and Japan should be roughly 2.5 to 3 hrs and not 30 mins. This explains why there are so many planes waiting to land even after we’ve already handled a ton of them.

My suggestions for 2.0.2:

  • bring back the fast forward button
  • the control tower is a great idea as others have mentioned, and yes it’s purpose is to land and takeoff airplanes automatically, just like the ramp agent will handle the planes automatically
  • WOApedia like others have mentioned
  • not sure if we have this, but I haven’t seen any A220s flying around
  • change the flight time to make it realistic
  • a new airport perhaps :joy: I know I’m being greedy now

Personally, I’d quite like to see the old, realistic flight times return. At the moment everything is moving that quickly it’s really easy to loose track of how long an aircraft has been waiting to land, and what aircraft are actually waiting!

No A220 at the moment, but the devs did say it’s not a matter of if, but when it’s added, which I think is the same situation the 767 is in

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Honestly it’s not a huge concern for me since the clock doesn’t start until you start handling the airplane and you’re off the clock as soon as you click “finish handling”. Still, that fast forward button would be nice :slightly_smiling_face:

Personally, I would prefer to update existing planes (A320 and B787) before adding new like the A220 or the B767


Already in the works apparently :slight_smile:

That’s what’s happening I believe

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Agreed, I think an option to use the fast times or real times would be great. Then you can hit that switch and have more of a challenge once your airport is all built up.


I agree with bringing back some sort of WOApedia and the hanger, there have been many times since 2.0’s drop that I would’ve liked to access them.

May I suggest something that has not been discussed here.

Google has just launched a Beta PlayStore for PC and Apple. They should also launch the newly update game to that as well. So no more emulators will be needed.

Regarding Pause, I suggest that pause be automatically engaged when a player accesses the Fleet. Play should resume upon exit.

I would also like the ability to quickly scroll to the top of the plane list.

I just hope they make the game less Grindy

I just want to make a note for people here
The only people we can trust know exactly what Is coming in the next updates is
And carlsberg72

This post does NOT guarantee anything said here, so please, take the OP’s post with a grain of salt

Just making sure you guys are aware on that fact

As for the talking point. Well yeah, I’m not sure, I personally don’t have an issue with how long the flight times are, I personally think they are a little long, I commonly have an empty airport when I am starting it out, which can make grinding aiprots hard. The new levels are meh?


I can tell you that 2.0.2 will almost certainly just be bug fixes and maybe they will throw in a couple of new route combos.

Anything beyond that won’t happen until 2.1 most likely