Update 1.5.4 is out

New special livery for A319
Bug Fix for PRG S cargo pathing problem
10 new destinations
Korean language


Nice livery, but you have to change all one by one … I have 135 of them ⊙﹏⊙
But thank you, WoA :+1:


Welp good luck

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And aviation headlines

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Where do you change the livery? I can’t find that special livery in the hangar

Go to your fleet, tap on an A319 and change the livery as it’s marked below

I don’t have it as a selection option. I do have the newest version of the game, though. :thinking:

Strange :flushed:

what are the 10 new destinations?


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I have ever gate open and yet have no arrivals available. Also can’t see any airlines when I try and purchase routes.