Have someone already update? My Playstore say no update yet.

If the others have it can you send me .apk then @shill

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Same here

One hasn’t been released yet. That’s my knowledge anyways.

Don’t forget… when they submit the update for approval usually @shill adds it in the announcements section

No release note, no update I’m afraid. If it is today it should be posted within the next few hours, and ready for updating by the days end.

En una publicación de Facebook informan que en 14 días lanzarán una actualización con San Diego. Supongo que será la actualización completa para no hacer dos lanzamientos tan seguidos

Turns out it’s been released.

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What has been released?

Nevermind just got it on IOS

Can you get it to load? Mine just opens and closes. I rebooted and shut down all of the other apps. And I uninstalled and reinstalled.

I can get mine to load just fine I have android though. The new update looks fantastic!

Update working

First B462F, B238F and C30J

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Anyone got it working on iOS?

I am on iOS. Iphone 11 pro

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I just checked the new airports for destinations from IAD. Great job devs. Nice M connections for example from portugal and lot of new other routes.

Thanks… iPad Pro and iPhone 11 Pro also… same. Loads, black screen. Dies.

Do not know what is wrong for u with the update. Mine good. Thanks god. Hope it will fix foe u as soon as possible.

Any first impressions?

How much more do you get for handling planes?
How much less do you get for sending L & X planes?