If we want faster updates, tons of airports, plenty of challenges and exotic features, then we have to pay real money so the devs can hire more people.

The majority of posts here are from people asking something that means real and hard work from the devs, while the majority of people are busy grinding for GP because they won’t pay $5 so they can enjoy the game on their expensive flagship smartphones (I am sure there are players, however, who have valid reasons for not spending real money).


1 . Maybe yes, maybe not, I don’t have anything against more airport, I just want to have more fun gameplay mechanic, that will give me satisfaction from playing, and don’t make feel like I got another Job.
2. It was just suggestion. Event airport and how they mechanic maybe will work or not it’s another question. Depend how you imaging this mechanic. For me it’s can be any already present airport’s with some time-limited different achievement’s/mission or just hardcore lvl, not only just gather point’s from planes, that can be restart once per month/week.
3. If game mechanic’s don’t make people play rightly, it’s not problem with people, it’s problem with game. And that’s why I say, that I have no reason to play S planes, because game don’t give me this reason. People focus on big shiny thing’s called A380 and 747, because you have to chose, I land 4 X planes or 4 S planes for same amount time… And it’s logically I choose 4 X plane, because landing is bottle neck, and you have to choose what planes you want, and what planes not want. It’s a mobile game, not PC, so I can’t spend much time in game. And so I don’t get answer why I should play with S planes, I don’t care about how it’s work in real world, I care about what it will give me in game. I already decide, in next season I going just sell S planes from achievement. And don’t waste my time on them.
4. New Aircraft’s it’s not clear new functionality, it’s more like new content. New functionality is Improved ATC operations. Functionality is more like what improve or change something in core gameplay, make it more interesting, increase it’s replayability, make repetitive process’s more satisfactionary.


I guess the new feature Airline Manager will be soon introduced to the game.
That would probably change some of the mechanics.

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I think we can sum this up with; players are looking for “meat and potatoes” updates

The heck is your point? I am really confused what happened here.

I definitely see a need for S planes.

They’re not there to generate a lot of money, but to make the game more realistic. I prefer to play an airport in a realistic fashion. The game is there to pass time and enjoy it.
Large planes are not the majority at most real airports. Short and medium haul flights are much more common.