Updated player airplane profit

So after the recent update WOA changed the amout we could get per player airplane. I decided to make a update video. In this video I will show you all the updated profits (only excluding Concorde)


Thank you, Nathan…

I did one model (757 from NGO)… Here’s what I found. It looks like the revenue is the same for time and mileage (I’m not an excel expert)… Top 3 destinations from NGO for W per Mile (or W per minute) are: KCZ, SDJ and KKJ. KCZ earns nearly 20x as the bottom (IAD) per mile (and per minute of play).

Here is the spreadsheet if anyone wants to add more destinations or plane types.
NGO 757 Revenue Model


When you mention HND, is this in relation to a flight operated directly after a maintenance flight from HND - NGO, and then onwards to a destination?

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Whoops - typo (thank you… corrected)… I used standard profiles:

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Not a problem :slight_smile:

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What I did was create two stalls for easy in/out for the 757’s.

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@cafri Wow that’s a big cut from the old plane comparison post where I think a 380 could make well over 700,000 W or something of that size…

But shorter flights also means more time on the ground spent handling, so it’s a lot more work for less W.

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If things will not change - I will probably stop playing the game.


Glad it helped you. Sorry for replying late though, I forgot to check the forum :sweat_smile:

wow u have plenty of golden airplane!

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I need all of that :sob: :sob:
We do get some but not enough.

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same I only have 7 Golden Airplanes :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

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Agree that options for acquiring more/faster golden planes is good (alliances, contests, awards, routes and routes handled, maintenance for others, etc.). Mine are legacy planes.

Since this photo I have 8 more

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I had only 2 but spent it on NGO and now I leveled up and got 1.

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Yea I got them before the economy update

Care or not we just look at the money.