Upgrade to X gate in Bari

How do I upgrade to X gate in Bari please? Also, can we add more than 2 L gates??

Bari does not have any X gates nor it has more than 2L gates

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Bari is designed as an introduction to handling L aircraft, it really doesn’t have them in real life, but the devs created them to be a step up from INN.
There will almost never be a chance of an X gate nor more than 2 L gates because there’s simply nowhere to put more of them.
When you move on to PRG you will get more X/L gates and both passenger and cargo options.

Think of it as a progression:

INN: S/M only
BRI: S/M and limited L
PRG: S/M and more L that can also be X
IAD: 20 L/X passenger gates. 2 L only gates and 7 L/X cargo gates

Be patient, the bigger stuff will comd