Used Aircraft Concept

So I know that used aircraft have been on the feedback portal for quite a while, but I have a very good concept for a used aircraft system.

Obviously in real life, used aircraft would sell for cheaper, but since silver planes are in the game, instead of the value of the plane going down, it would go up. This way newer players could buy say a 738F for 86K, fly it until maintenance B, and sell it to more experienced and richer players for more money, say 110K. It would benefit both sides, as the newer players would be making a profit off the plane, and the more experienced players would get a used plane that is one step closer to maintenance and getting those silver planes.

Any thoughts? I believe this would be a great way to incorporate used planes, especially since it would help all sorts of players. Thanks!


Another way to add onto this is an auction or buy now option. In auctions, players can bid an amount of W, and highest at the end wins, and the buy now can see an aircraft taken off the market but the winner pays in Silver Planes. The auction or buy now could be a different section to run alongside the standard buy with Wollars. A buy now/auction could be used for the rare aircraft such as Concorde and the Comet.

Used aircraft could also lead onto other subjects such as aircraft leasing.

As much as I would like these planes, I don’t think it would be the right choice to auction them out. Not only would they cost a fortune to buy, but my original idea was just to auction regular planes that everyone is able to buy. The seller can make a profit and help grow their airport/fleet, while the buyer can buy a used plane and get closer to silver planes.

I do like the buy now option with silver planes, but I’m not sure people will be buying them all of the time :sweat_smile: I can however see how it would be useful in acquiring the Concorde.

Now that I think about it, allowing Concorde and Comets to be sold on the second hand market maybe isn’t a reasonable idea! A second hand market will really help when starting a fleet at a new airport.

Personally, I think we need the option to relocate aircraft between airports prior to a second hand market, as like a second hand market, aircraft changing bases would need a new registration. Look at it as a trial, pay a small fee to relocate aircraft and get a new registration is like a scaled down second hand market for your own fleet.

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I hardly can imagine buying of used plane for a higher price than new one. Reaching Maintenance B is not that hard. Maintenance B to Maintenance C takes much more time. But having an option to buy used plane which is still locked for the player may become priceless!

But I really doubt that there ever be an option to relocate aircraft between airports.

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Yea I have not thought about that. My initial idea was a system to help both sides of the transaction.