Using one airport to grind

I’m currently have 3 airports unlocked, Inns, Bari, and Prague, but right now I’m using Bari as my grind airport and Prague as player contract, is that an efficient technique, before unlocking more airports?

I’d grind prg to get IAD, it’s much better in terms of grinding

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after iad get hethrow

i agree, have been grinding there since 2.0 and unlocked:
SF34F livery
ngo pass
and some other liveries including lines for 752 and liveries for 737s

And me I agree to grind with IAD like me and it got me like almost 100k silver planes.

I think grind using IAD would be more efficient and LHR would be even better (but LHR is a rather late game choice if you don’t intend to unlock by GPs I would say).

The most important figure you would like to look at should be the maximum number of staff available at the airport after everything unlocked and LHR is the best under that category.

The second thing you might wish to look at is the runway configuration and efficiency, I would say IAD is better than LHR in this case.

HI !! I have unlocked INN, Bari and PRG. I’m grinding with PRG and now I’m at level 42. I’m about to unlock the premium pass. I used INN and BARI to earn some SP anyway. I’m thinking about the next airport to unlock. I will unlock IAD by leveling up to PRG. Would you recommend Muscat to me? Thank you

Yes of course! MCT is my largest airport in volumes and also my personal favourite. Some people dont like it due to its runway system but then its really about runway optimisation and how you expand. I own atleast 70 planes there and still expanding. Let me know if you want to know my fleet composition.

I want to know

Hey sure
Small planes:
3 E170s flying to close destinations to generate quick cash[too less and might sell em away].
Medium planes:
8 x A19Ns all flying to LHR
2 x B38Ms flying to LHR
2 x 752s flying to LEJ
2 x A320s flying to LEJ and PRG
4 × A319s all flying to PRG or BRI
5 x E190s all flying to BRI
Large Cargo planes:
4 x C17s flying to LEJ
2 x 77LF flying to LHR and NGO
Large Passenger Planes:
Most of my planes fly to NGO, followed by LHR as they are the most efficient destinations from MCT. A few fly to IAD too.
14 x B77Ws
14 x B789s
5 x A35Ks
3x A306 flying to LHR due to range issues
2 x A346 and 2 x A332
With 1 A343 and A333 each.
X planes
10 x A380s
I fly 8 of them to NGO since that route generates the highest revenue (around 13k) and the rest 2 fly to LHR.
Handling all of them [assuming they all come back] generates enough cash to buy 2 77Ws.
Also all of them are player contracts to fellow alliance members. I am like 5 levels away from maxing out thanks to them.

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I would say that your super fleet has been studied down to the smallest detail. lots of strategy. I will certainly take inspiration. Well done . I just have one question. in what sense do some people not like MCT for its runway system? I’m happy to talk about strategies and pros and cons of each airport by sharing this information with other players :+1:

The fact that there is one runway for landing and both runways are used for takeoff.
The large planes at the old terminal cross the landing runway.
Morover irrespective of the plane size, planes go to the last exit if the assigned stand is to the farther side of the airport.
All in all, the runway needs to be optimised properly to operate the airport at its maximum capacity.

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I understand👍