Version 2.3.0 not working on my Chromebook

Hello everyone. This morning when I went to update woa on my Chromebook, I saw a message that the app was no longer compatible with my device. It is running the latest stable version of ChromeOS and I was able to play version 2.2.7 on it. It works fine on my phone. Any ideas?

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Some updates require another operating system, just as the game progresses, some systems or phones will no longer be compatible, on my Samsung A5S the game runs normally. Maybe Be the model of your cell phone and you must change it for another .

I am in contact with support to see if they have any ideas.

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The devs found out that my Chromebook doesn’t support the latest graphics with the amount of RAM that it has.

Sorry to hear that

Same, I have more progress on my Android account, hope they fix this soon

I contacted the devs, they said that my Chromebook does not support OpenGL ES version 3.2 (it only supports version 3.1) which is required for running the WoA game since the latest game version (2.3.0). So unfortunately, it is not possible to play it anymore on this Chromebook model. So I doubt that it can be fixed for you.


You would have to buy another model of cell phone so you can play the game, I can play it because my cell phone is more current and newer.

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It works fine on my phone, I was just wondering if I could somehow get it to work on a bigger screen.