Bari has only have 800 and Prague has 600 initially, question is does it increase after you complete the achievement or not?

Also the levels are they any maximum or limit for each airport?

It starts new with a higher amount of passengers needed for the Haug.Land plane to appear.

Does it increase after you complete that visit?

What about my other question the levels as I completed each one does it a limit or not? Like does it stop at 300+ 400+ or continue later, like Bari now is at 280

No, the last level is last and will be refreshed when a new season starts. That’s in the Dev’s hands when this will be.

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I guess that there is no limit for planes visits

I guess just the amount of passengers you’ll need increases.


Is this still reply able, so like every time when you complete each Visit you get one Golden Plane right?

Correct, the number of points needed to get a visit increases each time but yes it keeps recycling

Still missing the green Haug.Land 738. I wonder where they left it.

The paint shop. Now gold :slight_smile:

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I Just What does it mean by (S+1, M+2, L+3 X+4)?

I wonder the same thing.

S aircrafts gives you 1 point, M aircrafts gives you 2 points, L aircrafts gives you 3 points and XL aircrafts gives you 4 points when you finish servicing them. These points then go toward the “Visit From Haugland” achievements.

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What’s the differences the points and the Number of aircrafts after you finish servicing them?

S-tier planes give 1 point, M-tier planes give 2-points, L-tier planes give 3 points and X-tier planes give 4 points. The number of points given to you depends on what type of aircraft you handle.

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