Was it a mistake to unlock the E190 early?

I paid the 4 gold planes early on in INN to unlock the E190, before I really knew what I was doing, as it was the cheapest M to unlock. Now when I achieve the E190 unlock in PRG, what happens? Did I screw myself out of 4GP?

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Yup, that was a wast of 4 gp

Not really, the glitch where you dont get any aircraft unlocked is still a thing.

To save you from future mistakes and others from this same mistake, I made a video:

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Oh, yeah, so it was maybe a wast of 4 gp

If you have grinded gp with it enough to offset the unlocking cost, then no. Otherwise, yes.

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Yeah its 50/50

I take a different approach. I may have wasted my GP to unlock some planes that would unlock further along. However, I am enjoying myself at INN. I am creating an airline, and managing my airport just fine. I do all this at a fraction of the price of other games. When I graduate to other airports I hope yo have the same experience. HNY to you all.

I sort of feel the same way, especially about the E190. It seems important to have M planes as soon as possible and the E190 is the most affordable way to do it.

It’s unfortunate for the unsuspecting player that the cheapest M to unlock is one you earn later in the game. It would be awesome if we had a few other options in the 4GP “baby M” regional jet category, like the A220 or CRJ1000.

It would also be nice to better inform the player about achievement planes (“You can earn this plane through an achievement. Are you sure you want to unlock it now?”) or even just make them achievement-only so people don’t make the mistake.

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We all did it on E190, but the trick is that you buy the next close to the cheaper ones… and because you don’t know what may be the next craft to unlock on the upcoming airports, don’t mind about it if you find that you have bought it to the earlier ones