Washington airport gridlocked

My Washington airport is gridlocked since Friday evening. I can’t move any aircraft.

… and where is the airplane in the middle of the screenshot coming from? :grin:

That should be a Boeing 777 waiting for take off. But the bug put the aircraft there. I have enough idea why is there.

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It looks like the problem @RudiMentaer75 has with his IAD.


I just don’t know how to solve it? Who should I contact to?

yeah, same problem since yesterday. @shill can you help us please. :innocent:

I can not without in-game nick.

Hi Shill,

My nick is Czechina in the game I think. Please help to check. @shill



Can anyone help me to solve my bugs? It’s stopped since last Friday.


mine is still RudiMentaer75. Thx


Could you help to solve my IDA issue, my mick is Czechina


I have forwarded that to those who can fix. I cannot do more.

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thanks a lot :+1:

Thanks. Hopefully it can be solved soon. All my fleet belongs to IAD.

Now, I have not a lot of things to do in the game.

Hi you can continue playing.


Hi you can continue playing


Hi, Thanks for it.

Hello, my account got the same problem again. Could you please help me to check again.

@shill @kubasan

ID is Czechina.


Pic is here

@shill @kubasan

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Hi guys, as i write it to RudiMentaer75 topic. I have this problem too.

Nick: Rippercz1

EDIT: Thx, for repairing it. :+1:

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