What 777 liveries to expect

Dear all,

I have wondered a lot what liveries are likely to be added, and if they will add 777-200 at the same time due to for example Austrian that only files -200 version.
Would Thai, EVA, Singapore Airlines be added?
what do you guys think?

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Cathay, American, British airways, delta, Japan air lines are a few more we could see

In my opinion -200 will be added as well.
However, there are other updates to the contract, etc. that are taking time this time.
I don’t know if all the paints will be reflected, but perhaps the current 777 paints will be carefully corrected one by one.
We’ll wait patiently!

All I can say in this matter is that all existing liveries will be painted on new refurbished 777 - that will be first step.
In next updates we will surely check if nothing new connections performed by 777 appeared to our playable airports.
In case of version first will be 300ER and 777-200LR.

Makes sense that the LR is added, as that is what the 777F is based off. With the only difference being the wingtips, will the 200ER be considered for the future? Especially with it being used considerably more than the LR.

Also, if you don’t mind me asking, with the 777 being remodelled, will the 757s passenger remodel be coming as well? Nothing has really been mentioned about it since the release of LEJ.