What are the benefits of player connections and owning your own planes?

So as the title says. What are the benefits of doing player connections and owning your own planes?

I know your own planes bring in more wollars, but they seem to give the same xp at all levels as normal contracts of the same plane type. Is there something I am missing?

And likewise for player connections planes. Is there a difference in reward from random player connections and the connections where you specifically connect with a certain player.

TIA (:

One of the biggest benefits is what you said - more Wollars. My B77W NGO → LHR nets me about 13k Wollars per trip, as opposed to 1.9k Wollars for other folks’ planes and AI Planes.

The benefit as to XP earnings and SP earnings is that you typically can earn more faster, especially on long haul flights:

To get a level 10 reward from an AI contract, you have to do 45 handlings to reach level 10 on the contract, then 10 more handlings to get the level 10 rewards. With your own planes going to another player, you start at 10 handlings (level 10 contract). So while you have to do 55 flights to reach max rewards with an AI contract, you’ve already finished 5 and are half way to your 6th max reward with a player to player contract.

The reward is the same as above. You don’t have to level up your contracts first, so you often get more rewards faster!


Thank you that was very helpful.

One more question though. When I for example send my plane from IAD to LHR, can it be a random player connection or does it need to be to 1 player specificly in order to get the level 10 contract?

Random player connections do not start at 10 handlings. They work like any other AI contract.

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Is this only for L contacts?

I’m playing around with an E170 at INN, and all available destinations seem to offer about 50% less profit than the AI contract.

Are player to player contracts more profitable?

If you are looking at the minimum profit stat, take it with a large grain of salt. Most planes will net you 2.5 x whatever the minimum profit is on average.