What device do you use

What device do you use? I usually play from my Iphone and my tablet but i prefer iPhone… You? I am curious what device do you prefer to use.

Android OPPO A9

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I play on SONY Xperia 5 III (for some large airports like IAD, MCT) and emulator, bluestacks (mostly smaller airports, such as INN, PRG).

I generally prefer bigger screens but computers without touchscreen may be headaching. Meanwhile, emulator don’t work perfectly like Android devices so just play smaller airports to prevent performance issues.

I don’t have a tablet but I assume it will be better to play this game if I have one.

Plus, a trick, when you play one airport only on one device, you won’t lose any progress.


Yes, it’s much better to play on big screens such as tablets.

Unfortunately, i am playing on tablet which has android system so i can’t play with points from iOS because i am connected with game center at iOS and to Android with another account from tablet…

Samsung A12, not the best in terms of performance but does the job nicely, used to be an old lenovo, bit couldnt use that because its software was only 4.4, and the update at the time required 6.0 I think it was

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I used to use an A12, but then I got an IPad 9th gen so I use that now

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Android OnePlus Nord2 5g

I’m currently using a Xiaomi MI9 which is the succeser to my OnePlus 1plus3 that I used for so many years in fact I used it between 2016 to 2021 I still used it as a seconday phone from 2021 to 2023 until I stopped using it and now in storage. It still had WOA content before 1.0 and had a flight back in August 2019

Huawei P30 Pro

Samsung S20FE

Galaxy S20FE 5G. The one with the Snapdragon chipset not the Exynos one.

Huh, I guess we use the same phone, but idk my chipset

Yea its same…I’ve heard that the one with the Exynos has heating isssues especially while gaming.

Mine does get kind of hot when I game, but not too bad. As of recent though my screen is glitching out so that’s fun

Mine doesnt…Thats the only reason i bought the Snapdragon.

I use samsung note20.pretty good performance.

iPhone :slight_smile: