What do you think about r/world of airport

After 2.0.1 update, I get here and Reddit still wanted old stuff back, but do you think the fans over the Reddit side don’t like the game too much

Before this update I post a 100% perfect landing on the mini game on the SubReddit, and of their respond is “so…”

And now over there is bunch of people complaining about the new update.

Also how to use SharePoint?

People don’t like change. It’s the way of the world, but folks don’t like it, for every hater there’s a bunch of people that love it.

Even I’ve seen a few converts that once they figured it out, like the new format.

My philosophy is this. Devs made a great V1, it was rudimentary on many levels. But it was great. In order to pay for the investment needed to bring V2 in, they had to do something different, which they did. And even though there are some ads if you choose (emphasis on choose), it’s still a very good and playable game.

Most of the complaining has come from folks with huge fleets. While I get the frustration of it, that’s not what the devs were going for. They aren’t tailoring the game to someone who has hundreds of A380’s and can’t fit them all into IAD, they are tailoring it to a more balanced approach where you have to think through what fleets you want, what generics you want and how you balance that with throughput at each airport. If you don’t want to spend money, you don’t have to, but if you do. Rewards galore await. The premium pass was an excellent idea and considering places like UATC and their version of it. Fairly reasonable to be honest.

(This is a general comment not a personal one to you) If you don’t like the game, you don’t have to play it and you are more than welcome to spend the time and resources it takes to build your own game and fight it out in cyberspace. I don’t recommend it, but it’s an option.

Devs have changed the game up mostly in a good way in my opinion. Changes will come, of that I am sure to answer some of the concerns raised. But it works. At least for me anyway
Yes I couldn’t transfer my fleet over at most of my airports, but you know what. They are there in reserve when I get to maintenance, so I save money on it and not have to buy a ton of new aircraft. People are missing that point.

Sure people may think I’ve drank the Koolaid, but i genuinely like the changes made.

I think here on the forum there seems to be mostly positive comments. Sure there are some bugs to fix and game issues to resolve. But now folks are getting over the shock, they are settling down and making it work.

I was lucky enough to be a beta tester. I knew what was coming and it was still an adjustment for me as I was resolving the initial challenges with such a huge change in the gameplay. It took 19 iterations before the game was released and many many fixes. So trust me when I say. A lot of hard work went into this and we have some of the most responsive and invested devs I have seen in this type of arena.

Essay over, but those are my thoughts.


Is there a discussion or screenshot on how to use a sharepoint

You mean the threads with the screenshots from the game?

If so. It’s pretty simple. Take a photo of the game and have it saved on your device. Go to the appropriate thread and use the upload picture option which is the first of the 2 icons at the bottom of your comment box…

Once it’s done it’s thing, hit reply and away you go

I actually done a testing on sharepoint when I search on new create New topic immediately saw the your topic is similar to then click on there.