What does Dev mean?

Daylight saving time offset

I think it may have been adjusting the times shown in game to reflect the recent changing of clocks, not 100% though

Though it will be fun if could switch time like it’s an optional switch.

Don’t need to follow like unmatched or real time zone, Just have a optional button switch/settings on the playable airport

Long story short kinda like what FS Advance did.

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What the hell is daylight saving time?

Depending on the time of year, some timezones have to adjust their clocks an hour forwards or backwards to allow for ‘extra sunlight’ during the evenings.

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I’m still hoping for them to slow down how fast a day goes by in the game
Maybe take a note from IF and let you even choose what time of day you want to play :blush:

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Thanks for the info. We didn’t use it here

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