What i want in a new update

A300 L size
A310 M size
B737-200 S size
A300F L size
A300 Beluga L size
Combi Plane (a plane that fits passengers and cargo) could be S,M size
MD80 family
Boeing 727
Boeing 727F
Tupolev TU-154

Air Transat A310
First Air 737-200 combi
United Airways Old Livery 737-200
Iran Air A300
Mahan Air A310
SAS MD80 family
DHL 727F
Braniff International 727
Ruby Airlines IL-76
LOT Polish IL-86
Aeroflot TU-154

I know this is a lot, probably can be 2 updates to be finished with all this.


You can probably get a lot of bugs for this.

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I think you are VASTLY underestimating the amount of work it takes to define, render and code a new aircraft into the game (once the aircraft is in the game, the liveries are easier to produce as you have the base template to work with.

What you have listed there is probably 10 updates worth not 2, unless as I note below some are deemed as rewards not active aircraft there is simply no way the devs can code those that fast unless you want the next update to be in December or longer. That would be a new plane in almost every update, which isn’t likely to happen as they also have other things to work onand according to the website the next additions are likely to be the following:
updated ATR 72, ATR 42, updates to the 738F and adding in the 734F, next aircraft after that is likely to be the A330. (Note dev team is very small. So they have to feed in game items as they can be developed, QA’d and released and there are still bugs that get through (bus issue from last update).

A300 L size - on consideration list for future inclusion
A310 M size - on consideration list for future inclusion
B737-200 S size - on list but is classed as M not S to be consistent with the 738 and 734 already in the game
A300F L size- on consideration list
A300 Beluga L size - Beluga is an X not an L and is on the list
Combi Plane (a plane that fits passengers and cargo) could be S,M size - not currently on the list and not sure how it would work with the current game mechanics, but I do like this idea.
MD80 family - MD80/90 on consideration list
Boeing 727 - on consideration list , due to age could well be a special rather than an active plane to use
Boeing 727F - not currently under consideration
IL-76- on consideration list, also could be a special rather than active use
IL-86 - same as IL-76
Tupolev TU-154 - being considered as a reward aircraft rather than an active one.

I get you want more aircraft types in the game, trust me I bought a bunch of A319’s when that type was added, but these things take time and should not be rushed.


Yes! That could be good.

I am following the discussions about new aircraft types and aircraft versions. But what is the game to gain with even more aircraft?

In my opinion it only makes sense when the range of the aircraft types/versions is tied into specific destinations. The aircraft then can only reach the max destinations within that range.

This adds a new dimension to the game.