What is going on with the update?

The devs keep on saying it will be out soon but that is not the case.
Anybody know why




yes. I know why… the work on 2.1 is done, but… they are looking at doing some additional work on the Tower Agent section. The Tower Agent works, but they are holding it because they want to make some adjustments to the set up of it. that’s the last I heard. All I can say is be patient.


Just to clarify that the next update release is the tower view and a few airlines add ons.
The Heathrow airport playable update is available later next month. Is that correct?

right now, 2.1 will be the tower agent (more than just a view), which will allow auto control over various sections of the arrival and departure elements of the game. The 787-9 and 787-10 (787K in the game) have also been added (I have seen them, so I can confirm that to be the case) So far all the combos noted in the “New content” section of this site will be added to the game. 788-8 will be there too at least in player liveries as far as I can tell. I am being told there may some thing else added as a feature, but a) I do not know what it is, b) I believe there are additional works to the tower agent, that I am not currently party to happening and finally c) I do not know a final time-frame for release.

LHR, I am being consistently told is going to be available before the end of 2023. My guess is probably Christmas and that’s even as recently as 3-4 days ago.


I forgot one element. Updated BRI airport model

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So exciting, this will be a big update! Praying that the WoA devs push this before the long weekend… don’t make me spend time with family! :joy:

It’s probably delayed due to a bug or 2 I reported which are Misaligned windows for the ATR72 and the wrong flag for Ryanair.

Doubt they would delay it for that. I know some of the delay is due to some adjustments to the Tower Agent functionality


Soon for these devs seems to be within the next month lol. Don’t hold your breath :slight_smile:

you know there’s only 5 of them right? cut them some slack.

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The devs should be held accountable for what they say. I’d love to see them stop answering the when questions, focus on development / communication, and let the update come out when it comes out. If they just started saying “when its ready” I would expect there to be fewer malcontents.

Now soon is vague, so I’m not personally holding them to a deadline. Just want people to stop asking the when question lol.

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The mantra has always been “when it’s ready”, if Kuba and his team want to say something different or more, that’s on them. I’ve been very explicit in the fact that I do not know release dates outside of what has been explained to me either directly or on other media.

and I agree, there’s no more frustrating question out there, then “when’s the next update coming”. It’s a small team, it’s a lot of work, so until then, build up your silver planes, W’s and maybe buy some GP’s (if you can) to help with the work. It’s about to get very expensive for them, due to the Unity Licenses issue, so whatever we can do to help apart from asking… "how do I get GP’s for free"I know would be greatly appreciated.