What is the airport tower reward for?

What the title says… Just came back to WOA to try the new system, just unlocked this Bari tower thing but what does it do? Is it a relic of the old airport unlocking system? Is it meaningless since you can play all airports at the start now (I am already playing Bari on the side as well)? Or am I missing something.

It will unlock a new airport. If you play INN and unlocked level 27, you now can play BRI airport

Edit: oops my bad, its 27 not 28

But it doesn’t? All airports are now already unlocked from the beginning, I was already switching between BRI as well as INN. And I know it’s level 27, I literally just screenshotted myself reaching it…but my point is, it doesn’t seem to have done anything since I was already playing BRI even before this.

Oh I see, I just played after V2 so I don’t know about that

Thats because you had that airport unlocked even before you updated it (cloud saved progress). Otherwise for new players that is what unlocks BRI.

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OH I see! Yes, I had unlocked every airport with gold airplanes or playthroughs in v1. I didn’t think of that! Thank you for pointing that out!