What is the next model update you want after A321?

My wish is B747-8i and B747-8F and B777F🥹


757-200 (which shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise :joy:)


I know it! I know you wish for the 757 remodeled as you flew Jet2 757 loads of times

Waiting very patiently :rofl:
I also flew on Monarch and First Choice 757s. Flying on a Condor 300 next week. With a bit of luck (based on the A319) is the 757-200F should be remodelled at the same time, so hopefully we can get some new liveries and variants for that as well. A Thomas Cook 757 would also be quite nice (haven’t flown on one, but I did their 767s), really want to see it on the A321


Supposed to fly on EI 757 in March 2020 and I can’t believe it was cancelled the same day I was due to leave. Also they got rid of the 757… Yay :sob:

So many possible liveries for the 757, an aircraft I think in game didn’t particularly get the attention it deserved at the time. Popular with players as well, so I’m surprised it hasn’t already been done (or at least didn’t get a v2 model, especially with the A321 coming along)

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Time for a 757 petition :rofl:

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I never would’ve guessed you wanted the 757🤯

it is indeed a very good plane, i hope rework comes soon, i would get some more 757s at prg

I would also like 757-300 with 757 rework and also new crj variants when they get reworked. One more thing I would like is the a330neo when it gets reworked from v2 to v3

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Based on how remodels are working at the moment, with remodels of the existing variant, splitting it into the other variants and adding the rest of the family. I really hope it’s now a matter of when and not if


757 and CRJ families

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Another mention of the 757, I do hope the devs see this :joy:

A universally popular aircraft :smile:

Boeing767, 777-200 and A340-200/500


767 is a completely new aircraft not a model update

The B777F really needs to be updated as the current model is awful.


The B752 is the smoothest landing I’ve ever experienced. It was on the short SSW-NNE runway into HNL, and the best I can describe it is like when you drop a piece of paper and it kind of floats into the table. B752 (and hopeful addition of B753) would be my vote. The A320s are the only model left that REALLY bothered me.

The thing is that they already remodelled the B752F without making the rest of the family.

Me personally I would love to see the entire 737 family (100-900, 7-10), plus variants of them like the 600 combi, as well as lr and XLR variants of the 321neo. Worth noting it’s all 7 variants, not just the 321


I’ll add to the 757 hype, being from the UK they were a staple of UK airports taking people on their summer holidays for years through many different airlines and for now (courtesy of Jet2) still do today.

I would love:
Next refresh - 757 (200,200F,300)
Next already refreshed model update - 747RR (LHR needs them)
Next all new model - 767 (all variants)