What is this symbol?


What does this symbol mean that has the spanner and screwdriver (see picture)? I can’t seem to send aircraft there.


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That means maintenance destination. You will be able to send your owned aircrafts there on time, when Check (A-D) will be required.


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What does this mean? “Crosshair” in settings and on airplane card?
Screenshot_20220722-211351_World of Airports
Screenshot_20220722-211326_World of Airports

The “crosshair” in settings is to activate or deactivate the camera focusing on the plane that you have clicked from your tab at the bottom. An example of its use (I use it) is that you want to take a screenshot of an incoming plane, yet you don’t want to have other planes delayed. I would deactivate the “crosshair” and focus the camera on the runway, while being able to handle the other planes without the camera panning to other planes.


  • Crosshair activated: The camera focuses on the plane you have selected from the bottom tab.
  • Crosshair deactivated: When you click on a plane from the bottom tab, the camera won’t move and the camera won’t focus on that plane. (The camera can still be moved manually)