What methods to get gp apart from season pass or buying

Just a question, after 2.0 released is there any other way to get gp other than season pass or buying it with sp or money?


Ok ty

Dang thats crazy tho ive seen people with hundreds and hundreds

SP is the best way, every day and every week, total 17gp weekly what else you can ask for???


There would be very limited amount of special arrivals to include GPs after you handle them. I remember the 4th year event came with a special arrival with 4 GPs.

There are some events like livery/screenshot competition that will give you few GPs.

But they are very unstable ways to get, so I suggest you earn as many SPs as possible. 17 GPs pw requires you to earn 20,500 SPs pw for that.

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Earning 30k SP a week is simple enough. So you already earn more than you can spend.

Dang 30k is a lot but im guessing thats a lhr thing lol

Not really. More like an alliance thing maybe.

Dang i have a lot to learn lmao

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