What planes of each size are best to create your fleet?

What planes of each size are best to create your fleet?
I have always chosen the planes that have more passenger capacity to earn more money on each trip, but I realize that sometimes maintenance has to be done very early.

If you’re looking for profits cargo planes are at the top. But that’s only on shorter routes. Longer routes tend to be less profitable. Passenger planes tend to be better for those longer routes.
However considering that the developers said that in the next update

I think it’s best to just get the airplanes you want since any plane i recommend now might become less useful after the update.

Most short response so far is it depends how the player plays.

It depends on how you play. But heres what I do:
Work only with passenger planes as Cargo planes earn you money but dont help you unlock the next airports.
But while buying an aircraft I compare its seating capacity with its price(silver planes as well as Wollars for purchasing). I came to the following conclusion:
Small Plane: AT76 and CRJ7(unlocked as you play)
Medium Plane: A320 and E190(unlocked as you play)
Large Plane: B787
I would suggest not going for XL aircraft as they are too expensive for the value they bring in. Also use your aircraft well and scrap them when you can sell them for silver planes. That way you recover the Silver planes you spent to unlock them in the first place.