What should you spend the money on as a beginner?

Hello there.
I am a little confused with what I should spend my money on as a new player. I got 3 passenger S stands, 2 of every ground vehicle, a saab 340 and 13,000 in money. My plan is to buy the S cargo ramp but i don’t know if it is a good idea.

Upgrade handling tools first


Stay away from Cargo! It is too expensive early in the game.

Concentrate on PAX first. Expand your gates when you have more planes in the arrival queue than you can handle. Then open a destination and repeat.

And when you have more gates than number of services, increase your services.

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I also recommend staying away from cargo. The best thing is to buy 1/2 more S-tier passenger stands, then 1/2 M-tier passenger stands. After that just focus on the L/X -tier passenger stands as they give a lot of profit, you income will boost. Try to get to the maximum amount of L/X-tier passengers. Then focus on the S/M-tier passenger stands and then buy cargo. Buy equal number of services as you also buy the gates.
(This is only for airports from PRG to SAN, BRI and INN are smaller but still try to follow the routine)

And don’t wait. Use the SPEED UP button.
And use it whisly :slight_smile:

He is right. If you keep on tapping the boost button, then you will loose a lot of money. But if you hold it then it will boost faster and you will loose less amount of money.

The boost button is extremely useful when you don’t want to lose the level-up badges, especially in the beginning when your services are not upgraded.

I find that the “loss” from boosting is totally worth it.