What to do with my Wollars?

Hi Everyone,

After the recent update, I am just wondering what to do with my Wollars.
For instance, for a given airport already fully upgraded, higher level achieved, no real add-value having my own fleet, already having enough Wollars to retire, I am not too sure what to do with my Wollars.
Can we transfer the Wollars to another airport?

No you cant transfer wollars…And if you have enough planes and enough contracts theres nothing else you can spend it on…But I would suggest buying aircraft…Like I had tonnes of E190s before…I sold every single one of em and am now buying A319s.
Similarly I plan on selling off my A306Fs and instead buy C17s.
If you are not much interested in this, I would suggest just go and play another airport.

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Save it, you never know if there will be more things you will be able to use it on in the future. Different aircraft etc.

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Thanks for your feedbacks.

And what to do if you are level 48 on SXM ?
I think there is not much beyond that right ?
As you can’t re-use your A306’s at other airports.

Not yet you can’t. In the future you might well be able to