Whats App Group?

it would be interesting if we had a whatsapp group to share game information, strategies , talk abou aviation and etc.

I dont know if someone tried before but we could try.

If.you are interested you can joinha by the link below. :grin:

I know there’s a discord, but it’s not too active.

I’d much rather use the discord because it doesn’t give away any info…

Join here: https://discord.gg/d8nddP

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Me and shill talked about a Reddit page, Though it may not be the greatest. Discord has a way better functionality and Users get to have more controls than Upvoting and Downvoting.

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Yeah I don’t like Reddit

Discord will be active if players will be active there. Sorry I can not be active on all kinds of social media because there is life as well :slight_smile:
And better keep devs developing also not chit-chatting right ?:smiley:


The Discord should be more advertised here. I didn’t know it existed until a week or two ago. It’s a great place for players to talk about the game casually

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