When adding larger gates, why do the smaller ones stop getting service?

I have noticed that when I add medium gates, the small gates stop getting much service (so far, only one small plane at a time now even with four holding slots). Is this intended? Is there something I must do to get a more even mix of small and large traffic?


On all of those airports major traffic IRL is handled by Msize planes it is simulated here as well.

However after a while players will have great number of S planes and they will create lots of traffic between playable airports. Majority of players are not yet with their first airplane, but eventually that will happen.

I understand that in the long run there will be mainly m-size planes going in and out but in this game we don’t start with a fully functioning airport. When I first played Bari I immediately bought the advanced handling and an m-size stand from the 10k starting money thinking I would earn money faster with some M planes coming in. But then for about every 4 M planes one S plane arrived. But I only had one stand that couldn’t handle all the traffic and was therefore losing a lot of bonus money in the beginning as also the block incoming traffic button will only work for a certain amount of time and then be blocked for a while.
Also in Prague after I learned my lesson in Bari I built some s stands first, then the advanced handling and then saved some money until I could afford 2 M stands. But incoming traffic immediately switched to M planes so I barely employed more than 2 of the S stands while M was always fully busy.

The incoming traffic should adapt to the amount of stands a player has, at least in the beginning. The Bari experience was before one could reset the airport and was therefore very de-motivating.

And it does - now its more focused on available stands and number of those for each category. Trust me - I was playing new version already for couple of days. That has been changed.


looking forward to the new update then. :slight_smile:
Though it’s going to be a while until I start a new airport from scratch. Looks like New Orleans by the end of November :wink:

I did the same in Bari, I first Purchased Ground services and 2 Other S Stands than saved for Advanced after a while. I then kept Expanding my ground services.