When comes the update? (It's out now)

Comes the update this week or next week?

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It will come out when it is ready.


That guy asked when??

We all know when it is ready then it’s our…

But how many more weeks it take…

Like guys just cool down the update it will come when it is ready.


Once again: we have ZERO information as to exactly when it’ll come. It’s possible that it will be soon, as the first livery set has been released, but we have no hard date, or even rough guess.

All we know is that as of like a week ago testing had not started


Nobody knows. Devs have never released that kind of precise information regarding updates so it’s somewhat pointless to ask (not trying to be rude, just stating a fact)


With all due respect, I think the devs should be better at communicating with the player base. I’m sure that the devs are working super hard and doing the best they can, but if they could give some updates or specific dates, the game dynamic would feel much better.


They do make updates, that’s the whole point of their team.

And giving specific dates is worse for them from a hype perspective. Also, they are busy, and while they do occasionally make devblogs to hype people it works best when they don’t tell all of their plans constantly


That sounds great until delays happen, and people get ugly. I’m talking from experience, and I mean REALLY ugly. Especially if:

… because it’s damn near impossible to give a specific date. Delays are inevitable at that point.

Look at the 2.0 update. We waited a year and a half, and the estimated date kept getting pushed farther back, and people just got meaner and meaner. Almost to the point of demanding or even threatening. Obviously that was an exceptional circumstance, but the same applies here.

It’s better to just sit tight and wait, and the devs continue to release updates as they come and give relative timeframes (soon, in a few weeks/months, by quarter X, etc).


Perfectly said

Unfortunately people are just impatient. I think if they tried to do it, they would understand and miserably fail. I don’t usually say anything similar to this, but I’m and getting annoyed by how many people are constantly asking. I’d hate to think what the devs must feel


I completely understand your perspective. It’s true that players of the game are indeed expected to demonstrate patience and gratitude. However, I do believe that there should be some form of consistency or expectation set in place, not necessarily a strict deadline, but something along those lines. For instance, if the usual “schedule” involves updating the game every two weeks (just as an example, not implying this is the case), then players will naturally anticipate an update around that timeframe. In the case of a delay, as you rightly pointed out, it’s completely understandable, but I think developers should strive to maintain transparency and keep players informed. When there is a lack of communication from the beginning, coupled with additional delays, that’s when players may start to feel a sense of impatience.


I just dont think it would be smart to do so after what happened before 2.0. Even what would seem like a goal for release that would be late, could quickly turn into an overrun of the date

Now lots and lots of people are just to impatient to wait.
Probably the most impatient event I experienced was after a flight from Barcelona where I and lots of other people was trapped on the aircraft for about 10-20 minutes due to a late jetbridge deployment and was even more impatient in the rear as the stairs were already pulled up and still when the ground crew bang on the door the cabin crew just straight up refuse and during that time there was a lot of angry, Impatient, tired people just started shouting and demanded and even gone as far to push in order to get the door to open themselves. I can remember everything from the event and the Cabin crew should feel ashamed of themselves.

And as for people who what the update this week or next week: Tough times right now, just wait patiently, keep cool, and just let the Devs do there work. My guess is probably early march as it’s getting more and more likely as time pass on.


Or you could enjoy what you have now and see every update that is released as a nice gift. It would be a completely different story if you paid for let’s say a season pass and they promise you 1 big update a month with a certain amount of new liveries.

Most people will not have completed all levels on INN, BRI, PRG, IAD, NGO, SAN, MCT, LEJ, SXM and LHR and/or the full WoApedia. So relax and be patient :wink:

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While I do agree that people should stop begging and wait for the update to come, I also agree that there should be some sort of communication if there I a delay, so that people stop expecting the initial timetable

But, in a way, there is.
All you have to do is take a look at the update log.

I don’t know about you but I’d say an update every 1-2 months is pretty good and normal for most mobile games.
B787 only took 3 months because it was a huge project. I’m honestly shocked the A350 is already more or less done.

As someone who’s been around this game for a long time, I can say the only time where communication was lacking was the 2.0 update. Every other time, the devs have been pretty good with keeping us informed.

Just like this update. We know the A350 is done and some major fixes will be implemented. If the devs are adding anything else, they aren’t telling us because it’s not yet clear if it will work or be ready in time for the given update (such as the new features that were teased).

They don’t want to tease anything until they are certain it’s coming. Just like in 2.0, people were very upset when they were told retracting gear was coming but it was cancelled.

So personally, I see it like this: the communication is absolutely there, but it’s not what people want to hear. So they get angry when timelines aren’t met and fail to see the big picture. To be clear, I’m not saying you’re doing that, I’m speaking generally from what I’ve seen.

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Sigh…. This again…

Let me be super clear as some still don’t get it.

  1. Devs will NEVER provide an exact date for a release too many moving pieces.
  2. All updates have to be beta tested, that takes anything from 2-4 weeks usually. I know I’m a tester.
  3. Devs sometimes give indications of rough dates. At the time they say them, they are probably on that track, things come up and change
  4. I am in reasonable direct conversation with the devs, so I have a good idea of what’s coming. If I can tell you, I will, if I can’t sorry, not betraying a confidence because I’m not a dev, but as the main admin on this forum I do have certain information
  5. To the notes above 2.2.3 just started testing. I know the release notes as I’ve seen them, but that’s for the devs to post about not me.
  6. SYD is not coming in the next update. As you can tell the 350 remodel is.
  7. Devs try to give us as much information to share as they can based on not wanting to tip their hand too much on an update vs not giving anything at all. It’s a delicate balance
  8. Patience. It’s a virtue. I get that folks want the bug fixes done, new airports , everything under the sun remodeled. As I have said before this is not Epic or Rockstar or Microsoft, it’s Flyboys who have a small team, some of whom have day jobs too. So things take time (and they are way better than UATC btw)
  9. Devs try their best to communicate. That’s the reason I am here to talk to you guys via this medium, there are too many other options out there sadly
  10. Exclusive content. You do realize that this forum gets the new content stuff, the release notes and dev logs. Not a single other medium gets does. Not Discord, FB, Instagram nothing

In conclusion, the mantra “when it’s done it’s done” is the right one would you rather them spend all their time on posting on social media or actually developing the game… I know what I would choose.