When is the best time to sell your fleet planes in 2.0-2.30

during the 2.0 updates until this recent one, do you know When is the best time to sell planes?
Or do you sell em randomly

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I sell right when I get it if I need money, or else I just keep it for a whole and do contracts. I don’t usually sell fleet planes. There’s no best time to

Same I don’t sell fleet planes Cuz it helps make me money and XP

I sell them all, I don’t have any aircraft in my fleet, I have sold almost all of them to build my airports and I don’t like having them since with the generic contracts I have been able to manage my progress well, I have completed 6 airports with generic contracts


I see a lot of people sell when the value of the plane is less than the large check price

I sell the planes that earn less money when I run out of enough space to accomodate them.
Eg. In MCT there are few gates at the newer terminal for which the M planes exit the runway earlier. For other side stands…they roll down to the very last exit where X planes get off.
So since there are limited stands…I cant have a load of planes. So as I got a few BCS and A19Ns etc. I reduced the number of E190s from my fleet.
I previously had like 15 of em now only operate 2.
Better earning planes replace them.

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Should be sold for expenses in the early stages of the game to expand yards and equipment.

It has been determined by geo on the discord (the guy who makes all the spreadsheets) the it is cheaper to keep the plane thru large check than it is to sell and buy a new one


Geo does know best!
I never sell, as I typically have good callsigns. I’ve seen a lot of people do it, never made sense in my head

I’m trying to find back that title

The one I know of is this

is this the one you’re looking for?

Since links are being sent lmao here’s this

You don’t get Sliver or golden planes back for selling planes like previous version, so there is no reason to sell a player aircraft unless you need to upgrade or change a line aircraft, like selling all my 737max200 for A321newLR