When is the next update coming?

Short Answer: When it’s ready!

To know World of Airports (WOA) is to know it was started by a small group of aviation enthusiasts as a side project from their day jobs… It’s been out since 2019 and has grown enormously in size and complexity.
This is not Epic, Rockstart, Microsoft or any of the major software houses for building games. This is a small group of folks (I think 6 right now), who are creating what we know and love and having to deal with, new aircraft, game functionality, bug-fixing, new airports… the list goes on.

The upshot is, it takes time. Sometimes updates x.x.Y releases will happen quickly as they are hotfixes or smaller type updates. X.X updates are bigger and usually coincide with airports and major functionality releases.

It is very much understood that folks want the next big thing, especially if they work fast through the existing functionality and that can be frustrating, but trust us when we say this. Devs get things out as quickly as they can and communicate the best they can about it. Either via Dev Blogs or other such mediums.

Repeatedly asking when the next update is coming is not helpful and we do not have the answers unless the devs have indicated something specifically.

Also to understand the process. Developers do test builds with the basic functionality built. They then release those builds to betatesters, who review and spot any major bugs or issues and then they are fixed. This some times takes several build versions before a “release version” is completed, final tested and released to the Google Play and Apple Stores. This takes TIME, sometimes days, sometimes weeks. If anyone is permitted to give updates, they will,

So the word with this is “PATIENCE”, the updates will come, devs will post what they can when they can… It’s just how it is.