When Stand Upgrade smaller ACs Are able to use it

Since Upgradeable Stand Tiers are getting Added soon
Are Smaller Aircrafts able to use the Bigger Stands
Example: M wants to go to an X Stand

My gut tells me that they combos will be S/M and L/X because it’s just an extension on what can effectively happen now, that you have to pay for.

Hope I’m wrong, but a recent screenshot posted on one of the WOA accounts suggested the above.

Can you show me the Link to it?

Here’s the link to the item in development queue

And go this from someone’s post, not sure where the original one is from, probably a site I’m not on.

Looking at the way they have worded the item on the feedback site it does seem in theory that you could go past 2 levels, but that would be insane if you could push an S stand up to X for example.