When to Sell / Scrap Planes

Just after a little advice.

Some of my fleet decrease in gold resell value when I send the plane for a service others with the same level do not. No idea why?

When is the best time to sell a plane before C service or just before D service?

On IAD I have 12M so not a problem with repurchasing sold aircraft to keep the fleet at the same level.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


I always sell my planes before maintenance C, because the time for the check and the costs are too high then. But if the planes do not lose any gold planes probably the best way would be to sell the planes before maintenance D.

I don’t know when planes are losing golden planes and when not - in fact most are not losing any value before maintenance D. I think it is not deployed correctly yet. After maintenance D I think the value is zero so never perform a D-Check.

I sell just before C maintenance. It saves the maintenance cost and gives a decent amount of golden planes at the same time. Golden planes are needed for financing of new airports so you can better save them up.

I sell them before maintenance C too, I actually manage them so until I need the gold planes I use them as part of the replacement costs, but while they are in service, I hold back the difference in my cash to ensure i have enough to cover A, B maintenance and the remainder of the service costs. Anything else is gravy…

So for a 380 for example, before C you get 16 GP, or 160,000 cash, so I build up the 285,000 cash from regular operations and away we go…

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