When will the next update be released

When do you guys think that the next update has will come out?


Can’t predict an exact date but 2.2.2 is getting closer by the day.


Has testing begun?

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Maybe… :slight_smile:


That’s a yes :joy:. Got it, looking forward to the update evn more

This was a few days ago

I bet with liveries being released, we could be seeing a weekend update this week, which I would not be against


Feasible, but testing has only been out for 48 hours. Might be a little longer than this weekend. Now if the release notes show up, my opinion might change


What will be updated at LHR for 2.2.2?

Don’t know everything yet. New 463 and double air bridges so far, but will see if anything else appears and no the a350 is not there

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I hope we get the triple air bridges for the a380 stands!

Have you any information as to if we will have the A350-1000 and A350-900 only??
Or will there also be a -900ULR?


I hope progress rewards not going to be reset in this update

Was scrolling through some old posts on the forum out of boredom and found this old photo of a gulf air A330 from an Instagram high level Sunday (back when they did those)
@carlsberg72 could you by chance bring this livery up to the devs? It seems as if it got lost in time due to the eternal wait that was 2.0


Is there triple air bridges?

Could I ask if the devs could maybe keep 15-20% of the L stands with single jetways. Instead, the jetway will connect to the second door rather than the first. This is very commonly seen in airports.

But remember honey are basing it on real life so the gates with one will keep one and the gates with two(and hopefully 3) will get that amount

There is no reason and no precedent for that happening

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Agreed, that is very unlikely to happen, more likely will be adding levels, not resetting them like they used to. Think of the new levels as a standard progression like most games of this type, the rarity was the fact that they got reset, now there is really no need to do so.