Where are the B462s?

How do I get B462s to come to BRI so that I can start the achievement?

Unlock those airports arrivals that have the B462s and they will start arriving!

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Most of the destinations you need to unlock are in UK or France.

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I am now receiving B462F after I opened a small cargo stand in BRI. The B462F doesn’t appear to be counting towards accomplishment. Any thoughts? :smiley:

The passenger version counts towards the total.

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How do you get the passenger version? My small craft passenger is the AT76.

You need to unlock a small French, Swiss or British arrival Airport


Go to arrivals page and use filter to find Cat. S only.

I remember several Swiss, French and UK carriers have B462 for passenger service.

You need to pay some money to unlock that destination.

Then there will be a default arrival unlocked thereafter, in most cases not B462 (you can disable those AT72 or somewhat arrivals by clicking that flight to maximize your achievement mining. If not B462, you can handle 10 of them then unlock a B462 flight or pay a bit more to unlock B462 immediately.