Where to find things on the Forum?

We’ve tried to make the forum somewhat intuitive, please utilize the search function as best you can. Certain categories are blocked from new posts to keep them clear for their specific intent. However some of the options that are most useful are listed below:

Bug Reports: - please follow the process described here: NEW Bug Reporting Process (this is for game related bugs)

Technical Issue Reports - please follow the process described here: New Technical issue reporting path (this is for anything related to devices)

FAQ’s - you are technically already here, but here’s a link to the header so you can find all the questions. FAQ's & How to play - World of Airports forum

New content coming or just released - New Content - World of Airports forum

Alliances - Alliances - World of Airports forum (this is for folks that want more permanent Connections)

Connections - How to create connections in 2.0 - How to create them.

Ideas - Suggestions - Ideas / Suggestions - World of Airports forum Utilize threads provided, your own threads will be merged or removed

What are devs working on? - #Devblog - World of Airports forum

Posting Game Screen shot - Game News/Screen Shots - World of Airports forum

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