Whereabouts of future updates

It is expected that the future update will be a fix for the B787, A350, and B748, which are currently strange aircraft. What are you looking forward to? And what is the official going to deliver to users? Of course, I think there are many other things to do … Realizing feedback requests.

The reason I think it’s strange is that the B787 is the same size as the -10, the A350 is the same as the -1000, and some airlines don’t have these variants, which makes it very uncomfortable, and another derivative. It’s a pity for the airline that has the type. It’s irrelevant, but I feel that the number of Japanese users has increased since Japanese support. “Thank you forever” for the effort of management

777 will also be updated. It just takes time. When creating the new ones you literally have to start from scratch, not only on the base template but all existing and any additional liveries required. Once the template is ready is still takes hours per aircraft livery to create the new ones.
This is still a small dev team, they don’t have the deep pockets of Epic and the like. So if we get all of those this year + new features + all the bug fixes I would be very surprised.

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Fix? Strange? What are you talking about?

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Look at these images. This of the A350 is actually a model called -1000. And Thai Airways International doesn’t own -1000, so it’s not real. Also, the B787 is a model called -10. There are quite a few companies that own -10 compared to other variants. So are you going to rework these? I heard that.

Thanks again to the WOA team for providing us with such a free play, despite the small number of development teams. I have high expectations as a Japanese user in the future, so please do your best not to overdo it :fire::muscle:

Yes, true, it’s not real, but it is a game. Having a Concorde arrive at your airport is also not real. Reality is the blurry frame around your device.

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And those are just the special arrivals, not to mention the Austrian ATRs, TNT Airways and the WDL and flybe BAe 146s etc. as well as the liberties that were taken in regards to airlines serving certain airports.

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Issues with them? If you don’t like them turn them off

It’s a user’s request to fix it rather than dislike it.

This is a game not real airports. Certain liberties to help game play are always going to be taken, otherwise we’d never have A380’s at SAN or LEJ etc.
If we want to get really into the weeds. The cargo area at SAN is on the wrong side of the airport. And the gates are set up differently to allow for 4 X stands at the far end.

The devs do their best to keep as close as they can to real operations. For example they actually work directly with PRG airport team to ensure it’s as close as possible.

You can always keep your airports close to how you want to run them, but it’s not an exact science and never will be.


I think complaining about the 787 and 350 in the game being their largest variants is not as big as just getting certain planes in the game at all. They can worry about the 787-8 and 9 and the 350-800 and -900 after they get A321 and A320 NEOs in and maybe overhaul the ugly current 320.

I’d rather priority was given to having any variant of several planes ingame over trying to get every variant of a single plane.

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