Which aircraft to choose? - Some findings

The question of which aircraft to choose (in different categories) has been on my mind for some time. Therefore I started to note down some data handwritten, but this was somehow unsatisfactory.
This was of course the perfect moment for the former controller to come out again and take over.
So here is the result.
I would be happy if you would take a look at it and give me some feedback if this is of any use for you.
I also would be grateful for hints, corrections, etc.
Thank you very much.


See this topic, it might help.

  1. handling time. For playey’s aircraft time much bigger. Plus For me, more priority time to full service.
    For example full time servise in airpot for E190 185 second’s.
    B757 479 second’s.
    More funny for L and X aircraft, max time for full service for them depend from fueling them. (It can be like 12 min and like 32 min fox X A380 (base time for A380 1226 seconds or 20,4 min) If fuel time less than 2xpass + Cleaning/Catering (depend from plane, on some plate more time take cleaning, on other’s catering)
  2. Fuel, there is some question. Couse each aircraft have fixed value +/- some % fuel cost/per NM.
    But due some specific game mechaniks… You can’t pay for fuel more than range for this plane. It’s a very common for S plane.
    Plus, Develepor make small balance change in planes, so some number may change.
    For example, they change cost of fuel for E190 from 0,074/NM for 0,0835/NM.
    A332 was 293 seat’s now 325, passanger’s load/unload from 152 seconds for 181 seconds.