My fleet

Since, I have said that I want to make my own long haul fleet, I have a question.
I have found a way how to make gold planes. Just watch this video-
Anyways I need to get to maintenance C for getting the goldies and have to make money as well.

  1. Which L-tier plane gives the most money and the cheapest among them? Take the route NGO-IAD because profit is different in different routes.

Please help me in making a fleet but after maintenance C. All fleet makers like @Marechkon33 @winner676 @RudiMentaer75 @JK737 @carlsberg72 @pilster @B4RRERITA @boruberry etc. who all want to help me making a fleet. Please help me Please. :sob: :sob:
Note: I can’t buy golden planes which means lot of time will be spent for making goldies.


Right, that is really personal preference. Cheapest, most affordable L aircraft is the 787. Most expensive is the 777 (excluding Concorde). The A340 is slow and more expensive than the 787, but in terms of revenue is about the same as the 787. A350 and 777 are also very similar in terms of revenue and fuel consumption, however they are the two most expensive L planes.

Profits are all over the place since the update in October, so it’s just a matter of buying the aircraft which you feel is best for your fleet and then experimenting with routes.

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787 is the cheapest buying plane and the 777 and A350 are the most expensive planes but give more revenue (almost 20,000)

Can anyone remember a topic where one person had posted a video about the costs of routes of every plane? I remember it but can’t find it.

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No, your looking at about 9K max with a 787, and about 9.5K max with a 777.

With low fuel levels it is possible to go above 10K, but that depends on which types of route the aircraft will operate the most.

How 9.5K?!?! In the video it showed like 20K for A350’s and as it is almost the same, the 777 revenue will also be like 20K

Remember, profits changed back in October and have had some changes since then. Most long haul flights earn about 7-9K with short/medium haul flights with L aircraft getting about 4K.

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I am not fleet maker. Sold majority of planes for nice amount of goldies before money politics change update :blush:

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I’m building profit models for all the routes at the moment. But they are not ready for prime time yet

Take PRG as an example, the biggest revenue on a single route trip is CGK for the 777 at 11,124 but because of the distance you lose around 81k after replacement plane and maintenance taken into account.
Break even is around 3,800nm, anything longer than that you lose, anything shorter than that you make. This is predicated on the fact of you running the plane on the same route for its life, so if you mix and match long and short you can make the longer routes work to an extent.

For the 787 on the same routing break even is about 3,600 (PHL)

I’m still perfecting my numbers, but for now those are the guidelines I’m using


The video you’ve viewed is out of date, the income has changed massively since then.

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Hi! Would be interesting how you do your Route calculation. I made myself a calculation after the last update, at least i make money using this calculation:

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I need to dig further but it looks like your fuel calcs are off.
The ATR72 for example is actually 10% not 4.6%. They should be the same across all airports.there is some rounding involved so it isn’t an exact science but INN-PRG for example is 21 fuel for a 211nm trip

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Alright so now, due to money changes, we can only get MAX of 10K.

Atleast you had a fleet. But changes ruined the pricing that you don’t know now.

Well my strategy is that I will buy as many Saab340’s as humanly possible and after maintenance C, I will sell them for golden planes. I need money as well but I could do rounds with my saab’s. I will do it at every airport and sell them. Then I will have more gold planes for maintenance.

Hi, thank you for your answer!
You have to take in account that it is a round trip! so it is 21 fuel for 211nm*2= 422nm.
So consumption is about 5%, as you said it is definately no rocket science not only because of rounding.
So my fuel calcs are ON not OFF :slight_smile:
I did actualize my table after the last update (including the new aircraft B737-400) which gives the ATR72 a consumption about 4,9% (your 10 divided by 2):

So for the AT7 if you fly routes where the revenue (money) divided by the route-distance [single distance not round trip in nm] >= 0,34 you break even. In my table the “breakevenfactor” (in this case 0,34) is already divided by 2 because every destination is a round trip.


Okay, so I planned that I will buy the A350 but can anyone say me what does the consumption and earnings of price. But it looks like the A350 is a bit cheaper than the 777.

My recommendation: Don’t fly NGO-IAD or NGO-PRG at all with any plane because there is basically no profit! At the end you will lose money! If you want to earn money handle generic L and XL planes. If you want to have a fleet of L and X planes and earn money with it be prepared to send it on short flights only e.g. ngo-pvg or iad-ewr (best route in game for L planes) or similar. The worst paying route in the game is probably ngo-iad especially if you have a connection. You can’t pay your maintenance with it and your planes are gone a whole day. So if you want to burn money and get to maintenance C fast, that is the perfect route.

Does it make sense? No!
Is it realistic? No!
I still don’t get why there are no changes. I sold almost all my L and X planes because it is no fun at all. I don’t like to send my big planes on short flights to earn money. In my opinion the “logic” behind the revenues is rubbish.


I will do a thing that I will buy a route when I have my plane, then I will send it to that route. More money and less distance which means that I could make more money for more planes.

Essentially, yes.

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