Which airport hope to be add in the near future?

I Suggest as below

Singapore Changi Airport
Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Tokyo Narita International Airport
Jakarta International Airport
New York Newyark International Airport

I like to see JFK in the game

The next airports have already been selected. After SYD comes an airport “between Europe and Australia” (the devs said). Not close to MCT though. SIN is a good call, but I think it will be a bit smaller (even though I would like to see SIN).

After that, the continents that don’t yet exist will be covered with CPT and SCL.

The devs also said that they want to look at smaller and medium sized airports again, as not every airport can be as big as LHR, SYD or the airports mentioned above.

An IAD rework is also on the agenda, after SYD.

So, if you want to make any requests, you would be better off with smaller airports.

EDIT: I forgot Kai Tak as “Retro-Airport” and HNL is also under discussion.

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I am also a big supporter of SIN. Whereas I suspect devs will generally avoid airports under expansion (and SIN is currently underway now)… So I don’t know if any smaller airport in Southeast Asia is in their eye.


My educated guess for the airport “between Europe and Australia” is Male (Velana International Airport) and included will be sea planes. It would be small but unique and also still have the ability to handle L/XL planes with ease because of the 3,400m runway. It makes too much sense for them not to include.


I’love to see LAX and PVG. I’m a fan of mega size airports


Me too, but unfortunately I have to say that with the current game system LHR hardly makes sense, as the handling and landing frequency are too different. The airport is never “full”, I often only play with 1-2 terminals.
SYD will be different as both runways are used for landing.

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I’m sorry, I’m way to excited for this :joy:

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thats why I want jfk

The thing about JFK is that only 2 runways would be active, and currently some terminals are being renovated.

MLE will be cool once the new terminal is completed, and if they can add seaplanes then possibly helicopters in future?

HNL seems like a great addition. Personally I’m hoping for a Brazilian airport in a few years, and maybe Indianapolis as a large cargo hub.

It’s gonna be far out. The devs said it’s way out on the roadmap, probably still a few years away

Alr my thoughts are dfw for one more big airport
Medium: id love to see gatwick or Manchester but we already have lhr so that’s unrealistic. Maybe tampa or indianapolies for a medium and for small id suggest a morrocan airport or a greek airport like corfu or zakynthos evan larnica would be good

I know, which makes sense. But just the fact that the devs mentioned it makes me excited already

KORD (Chicago O’Hare) would be fun. I has 8 total runways and is a hub for AAL and UAL.

Now ok that it would be good but it would only function with 2 runways

I’d like to see Hong Kong internatinal airport in the game (the one on lantau island

Given that they are going to have Kai tak in a few years I can’t see this happening

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