Which airport is the most interesting?

Hi WOA Fans.

I unlocked the Nagoya recently.
Still with S airplanes.
Till now I really enjoyed the IAD Washington airport.

What about you?
What is your preferred??

Thanks all.


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Hey and Welcome!

Personally, I found mostly intresting to play in NGO, BRI, SAN, PRG and MCT is making it way. For me yes, IAD was quiet fun, but it become a bit boring because of enviroment around airport and those concrete grey terminals from every corner, but still makes fun when you need to work around your big fleet.Don’t know how about LEJ, but found people like it a lot.


Thanks Viliens

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I am currently on IAD… it’s my local airport, and it’s pretty cool for me to be running it. I’m eager to try NGO as well. Mainly, I’m curious to see how many more X/L stands there are at the higher level airports.

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Depend from point of view.
For grinding SP one list of airport, For casual playing other list of airports.
Maybe for someone who don’t have a lot of time and want to play not more than 15 min for one session will be SAN (San Diego), cause it’s maybe only one airport in game that have the fastest taxi time.


Yeah… Good luck finding many L/X Pax stands at SAN.

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LEJ is the most action, IAD is also good. I don’t like the single runway airports because they bore me.


I’ve unlocked everything, and my favourites are NGO and LEJ. By far.

IAD is large but I find it boring, PRG is plagued by loooong taxi, so is MCT. I haven’t visited the smaller airports for months.

But don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the game very much, and I understand that everyone has their own way to enjoy the game.

LEJ is my favorite for lots of action, very rewarding. NGO is my best if I just want to have some fun.


I like to play LEJ and IAD. Sometimes I play INN when time for playing is short.
The less played are PRG and SAN. PRG for taxiing and SAN for the boredom I feel after a few minutes.


The whole game bores me soon to delete. LEJ is not something I find appealing. if they had invested in AMS or CDG or FRA with traffic and many airplanes of size, airlines, the volume would certainly have the attention. I agree with many of the other comments.

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IAD and INN. San Diego is no good.

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Thanks ALL for your sharing!


20 L/X Passenger at IAD
17 L/X Passenger at NGO
4 L/X Passenger at SAN
3 L/X Passenger at LEJ, 30 L/X Cargo

So, if you like L/X Passenger, enjoy IAD


Yes. Love IAD. And also INN. I Don’t like San Diego. I am still there and 25% to the next one. I hope Muscat is better.

PRG and IAD are my favourites mainly because my fleets are bigger there.
MCT is not so much due to the longer taxiing.
SAN and NGO are kind of growing on me since I’ve unlocked new routes.
As for LEJ, there remains to be seen given how the two runway system operates.

I like playing SAN airport mainly because of its complex of gates in different shaped building terminals
. Before SAN was released, you played terminals that are straight and long like Washington.


  1. Quick off the runway and less taxi time.
  2. Gates are not in a single line.
  3. Great background especially the aircraft carrier.
  4. Different terminals in one airport.
  5. Cargo terminal is just the right sized for a medium airport.


  1. Cargo terminal should be located on the same side as the new tower is located.
  2. The commuter terminal should be a separate building where the existing cargo terminal is located.
  3. There should be extended new building for XL plane stands gate 46-51.
  4. There should be more plane stands available.

Overall, I will give it 8/10 rating.


IAD I have unlocked 2 X stands and 1 L stands and still difficult to have them for PRG and Bari it’s kinda easy for me to get those X And L’s planes.

IAD is so EASY. I got bored fast here. I love airports with more “action” INN, BRI and NGO are best for me.