Which airport should i buy? nagoya or Muscat?

i need help with selecting one of these airports: which one is the better one for profit like: silver planes, wollars, etc.

The best airport at the moment in my opinion is IAD. Washington has two active runways, one “only” for landing and one only for departing airplanes.

Muscat have two runways too, but at the moment is one runway to share for landing “and” departing airplanes. So the total output of rewards and therefore for SP too is worse than IAD.

ok, but i asked which of these airports are better

MCT by far, more stands, 2 runways. Although lacking a variety of airlines and both runways for Takeoff has slowed the airport down a bit.

You know MCT never had 2 runways for takeoff.

Yep, forgot to add that

sorry my mistake, my answer focused to the best output of rewards generelly. But taking into account the restriction of airports in your question, yes Muscat is better, as other players have already noticed here.

He answered correctly. You asked which airport earns more SP and W.