Which airport to skip

I think I already decided to skip some airports and buy others with GP, im currently at IAD and I don’t know which airport should I skip, I’m considering skipping NGO and SAN, any suggestions?

I recommend getting either MCT or LHR if you want something that is similar to IAD.
LEJ is also big but it focuses on cargo planes so you won’t handle many passenger planes.

MCT and LHR are most enjoyable for me. I tried LEJ, too slow for progression imo

Basically I’m about to unlock LHR with Golden Planes, now I’m thinking if should I buy my first L airplanes or other airports

L Plane first in my opinion if you havent unlocked a single one.

I’m not really interested in sending airplanes, after unlocking LHR I’ll rush them as fast as I can and then other airports

Well, from my idea, NGO is a good airport to play, SAN is not that bad but I do suggest you to skip SXM if you feel you are happy to pay for it.

Here are my thoughts for NGO:
-This is the most efficient single runway airport in this game, you can easily find this point.
-You can easily access B748F contracts at the early game, which is definitely a cheat (check the contract page and see how many XPs they give to you!)
-The price of premium pass at NGO is absolutely a bargain. It really worths the investment and will give you more ground staff to work, something NGO is short at.

SAN is considered a terrible airport to play in the 1.0 era, but much better now, so you can choose if you want to play or skip. Here are the reasons:

-In 1.0 you unlock the next airport by the passenger numbers, that is, the capacity of the aircraft*2 (inbound and outbound flight). If there are not enough L/X stands you may find it extremely difficult to progress the game. The best way to go before, is always filling X stands with A388s and L with B77Ws, and that’s SAN lack of. However, now, B752s have very noticeable rewards and you can easily have plenty of them at the early game which can significantly boost your progress.
-SAN has very small footprint, I would say much like a compact version of PRG and the taxing time is minimum. So if you don’t have enough time, saying you are on a bus with 15 mins to play. SAN would be the most ideal option.

However, SXM is terrible to play if you simply intend to progress fast:
-Only S planes don’t require backtaxi when landing and this may result in extremely long runway occupation time(about 5 mintues for the larger L/X jets!). And L/X jets still need to backtaxi when taking off! So if you want to grind and get LHR for free, the best option I know is to only have S planes and few B752Fs. But it would make the game very boring to play.
-Lower amount of ground staff also indicates you may progress slow and the price of premium pass is not considered very ideal for SXM.
-The implementation of ATC in the game made smaller airports less attractive to play, I have to admit. But SXM is honestly beautiful so I still suggest you to come back at some point.


This was so helpful! Thank you so much, after reading this i will definitely skip SAN and SXM.

Good choice. Make sure you try NGO, I like it :slight_smile:

I was considering skipping but after reading the Dreamliner’s post definitely i won’t skip it.

SAN is better than most think. If you plan things right, with the exception of L and X Cargo, L and X passenger and gates 35 and above, taxi times are rather quick.
Expedient use particularly of gates 7 and 8, 14,15,16 and 24,25,26 have some of the shortest taxi times out there. Even with M aircraft you can turn things pretty quickly.
S aircraft for 1-12 will also be super quick

Don’t play SXM if you want to skip, this is the most terrible airport to handle, and the worst airport to handle L/X planes or even M planes, unless you want to handle S planes only or if you have a lots of time waiting M/L/X planes to taxi to their stands, I won’t suggest until you are max other airports and have extra time to play

Also, a lots of time the planes are stuck at the runway and you need to restart the game because you cannot take off when there are planes on the runway… especially when you use ATC auto landing, push back and departure

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Ya you’re better off buying lhr with gp